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Robert Strickland
The job is great!  Everyone is really cool and helpful.  I sold a used Lexus the first night I started.  I am one of two people running the Internet department.  The owner and managers were impressed with my Internet business plan.  Say hello to everyone and if you or a friend are in the market for a Jaguar, call me.

Omar Chavez 
I wanted to let everyone know I am doing great. In my first two weeks here I was still in training and shadowing another salesman. The dealership was so busy I ended up selling some cars my first 2 weeks. I am in the first week of the month and my 3rd week here and I have already sold 4 cars. I was able to help the finance manager with a Spanish speaking customer and he bought warranty, gap, everything. I ended up making the dealership $4200.00. They were very happy with me. I like it here, everyone’s cool.

Laura Spaugh
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know I have only been here one week; I met with 2 people while I was still in training and sold to both. The Internet Manager is going to school for F&I and they want me to take over while he is gone and maybe permanently when he goes into F&I. They love my thoroughness on all of my paperwork and my drive to succeed.

Lisa Wilson
My new career @ Toyota Sunnyvale is progressing!  I’m the newest addition to the web site, look at our team, and you will find yours truly!

P.S.  Last night I was working the process, “STOP THE SHOPPER” and the process DOES work.  It takes a lot of focus, dedication, commitment, and BELIEF that it is possible!

To Be Continued. . .

Manuel Torres
Dynamic Sales Careers set up my first interview with a Chrysler dealership and unfortunately the dealership was going through some changes in management so I was not offered a job because they were holding off. Within a couple of days DSC set up another interview for me. I had to interview with three different managers at that dealership and the process took about a week or so but I was hired. I’m so thankful to DSC for helping me prepare for the interview and working for me to get things done. This dealership is so great. All the people are fun and positive and even if moved further away I would stay here and drive back and forth. I’m making so many friendships with my customers I just love it! DSC has done for me more than I can say and I would recommend their services to everybody.

David Garske
Just a note to let you all know I have accepted a position today as the Finance Department Administrative Assistant for Santa Cruz Toyota, our leading area dealership, only 2 miles from my home in Capitola. The dealership is planning a major expansion, including gobbling up the area next door now occupied by Ocean Honda. They had three F & I Managers but recently lost one, and have been scrambling to keep up. However, because the two remaining F & I Managers lack full formal training, there have been incidents of lost paperwork and finger pointing that caused their GSM and the Controller to vow not to put in another F & I Manager they haven’t fully trained “their way”. Through fortunate timing, I turned out to be that person. I will start as the department admin at $3,000.00 per month until my bosses are satisfied that their desired procedures are being performed in a way that “gives them their lives back”. I am assured that as soon as they are confident about my performance, an F & I position will be opened up for me and they will get another admin; this is their new plan for getting and keeping “trained people”.

To everyone at DSC, be confident in the tremendous service you are offering, and please share my experience with others.

Robert Clarkson
Hello Everyone,
I have been busy working, so far so good. I am showing everyone the latest paperwork and bring all the staff up to speed on the currant laws. I love the staff here, everyone is pretty laid back. I have the best schedule of Tuesday – Saturday 9-6. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’ll keep in touch.

Somchit Souksumphan
I wanted to thank you all for helping me find a great job! I am very happy here. All the staff is great, very positive.

Saira Dominguez
DSC arranged my interview and after only going to that one dealership I was hired. DSC let the dealership know all about me and when I got there the Sales Manager has very inviting and had such a positive attitude. He told me that he liked my personality and background and offered me the job. He then introduced me to the rest of the staff and they all gave me tips and said they will continue to assist me any way they can so I succeed. I did have to wait for my background check and drug test to come back before they would let me start but those are the rules. DSC was very helpful throughout the process and kept in touch with me. I would recommend DSC’s services and will be using them in the future.

Rolondo Castro
I just moved to Los Angeles, so it is a long drive to work. But I am going to hang in here because everyone is so nice. I interviewed with the General Manager David Katsumi who is very, very cool with a very low profile. I like working with him and the other staff members. They are all very helpful and are willing to answer my questions and help me learn.. I am practicing the Meet and Greet of customers and fact finding. I am also practicing how to bring the customer into the dealership and then take them on test drives. My pay plan is good at 25% of gross of each car I sell plus an hourly wage and if I keep my CSI score above 94.5% I get another $300.00 a month. We are put into teams, so like I am on a team of 5 people, then the teams rotate with hours worked.   I feel I have a bright future here and I also think anyone who goes through the college will have a bright future too. I really know the basics and have great skills that the other sales people who are just off the street don’t have. Like I said, I feel like a V.I.P.!

Kathleen Naliielua
I wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know I’m doing very well here at Tustin Mazda. I’m beginning to take ups and complete the beginning sales steps. Everyone here is very nice and I’m getting a lot of help and training. I’m going through more intensive training here at the dealership and am completing the beginning sales steps. I’ve yet to make my first sale but certain it’s just around the corner!  I love the dealership; a lot of very nice people here and I’m getting a lot of help.

Desiree Reyes
Graduation March 21, 2008

Well I finally got everything to come together for me. I am so excited! I have only been here for 2 days and I love it! Everyone here is great. It is a smaller more family setting type of dealership that I can learn from. I also have great potential for growth. With my training I was able to start talking to customers already. I talked to 2 so far today just to break the ice. My manager said I did everything just right. They want me to be ready for the Internet Department in 6 months. They are also going to be opening another bigger dealership in January 2009. By then they say I will be a senior employee and may even be ready for Finance. I can see myself here for a very long time. Thank you all for helping me get here.

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